Looking to upgrade to Regional Referee?

Officials interested in progressing on the Regional Referee Pathway

  1. Please read this guideline Referee Advancement in EPA  for important information.
  2. Interested in upgrading to Regional Referee?
  3. The Fitness Test and Regional Referee clinic is scheduled for November 18*
    • Please register via your account in OMS, https://epsarc.omgtsys.com
    • Attendance is required for all Regional Referees and Regional Referee Candidates
    • Contact Ian Bongaardt with questions

*Regional Clinic – November 18, 2023
Twin Valley High School, 4897 N. Twin Valley Rd, Elverson, PA 19520
Fitness test starts at 9 AM (registration 8:30 AM)
Clinic will follow.
Lunch will be provided

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