EPSARC Webinar Recordings

EPSARC hosted webinars consisting of topics to help benefit grassroots referees in their local games.

Webinar: 9/13/2023 – Dealing with Sideline Behavior
Guest Speaker:  Jeff Tener, Gary Stephenson, Bill Fuller
View recording here
Passcode: f%L7cQuF

Webinar: 9/6/2023 – Player management and game control
Guest Speaker:  Paul Koba
View recording here
Passcode: U*39bSpg

Webinar:  8/30/2023 – Professionalism
Guest Speaker:  Joe Della Penna
View recording here.
Passcode:  =f+e7%82

The webinar on September 14 was presented by Paul Koba and discussed DOGSO – Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity and SPA – Stopping a Promising Attack
You can view the Zoom recording here.
The passcode is: B8Jx#!es

The webinar on September 8 was presented by Lee Speers and discussed Penalty Kicks and Kicks from the Mark – Mechanics, Offenses, Restarts
You can view the Zoom recording here.
The passcode is: 2#s5$7rg

The webinar on August 31 was presented by Bill Fuller and discussed Player Equipment – legal/illegal and dealing with various situations.
You can view the Zoom recording here.
The passcode is:  2$!58uc.
(Please forward directly to minute 01:16:30, as there is about an hour of ‘dead’ material before the actual presentation starts.)

The webinar from August 24 is not available for viewing.

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