Current U.S. Soccer Referees who are interested in refereeing more challenging levels of competition may consider upgrading to Regional Referee.  Prior to making this refereeing commitment, a Referee should communicate with EPSARC’s SRA (Ian Bongaardt).

Upgrade requirements: 

  1. Read this important document: 2023-referee-pathway
  2. Must be 18 years of age or older
  3. Must have held a Grassroots Referee license over the past 3 consecutive registration years
  4. Pass the Fitness test
  5. Three (3) Passing Evaluations as a Center Referee: Two (2) at the adult amateur level, One (1) at the highest youth level in the state. (U18 or U19 2 x 45 minute halves)
    1. Evaluations must be done by three (3) different referee coaches.

What you should do now:

  • Maintain a Game Log, tracking your Centers and ARs, age group and date of match.
  • Reach out to Joe Della Penna (or your local Assignor) to get higher level matches for experience. (Use Contact Form below)
  • Reach out to Joe when you’re ready to accept games for assessment.
  • Work and train on your fitness.

To upgrade:

  1. Review the 2023-referee-pathway
  2. Log into your EPSARC account
  3. Register for the Referee – Regional Recert clinic – THIS WILL OPEN AFTER SEPT 1st:
    • From your home page, click on the Registration drop down and select “Register for a clinic/fitness test”
    • Go through the prompts to select Referee > Upgrade
  4. Complete:
    • Online modules
    • Online test
    • Current background clearances
      • Must be completed every 5 years
      • SafeSport must be redone yearly
  5. Register for the Fitness Test (same process as #2 above)
  6. Contact your Assignor for games that qualify for upgrade assessment
  7. Attend the Advanced Clinic and pass the Fitness Test.