After the Field Session – What’s Next?

Congratulations on recently completing the US Soccer Grassroots referee course.  We hope you enjoyed the experience and we welcome your feedback on our new process.

In the meantime, it’s time to get you out on the pitch!

USSF ID Number: You have been registered with US Soccer and now have a 16 digit USSF ID number.  You can locate this number when you log into your account at Referee Log in.

Referee Badge: Your new current year’s badge will be mailed within about 2 weeks to the address on file. If you are approved, you can referee without your badge until it arrives.

Uniform and Gear: Do you need a uniform and referee gear kit? Discounted referee gear kits are available for new refs! Order through Official Sports from the Registration tab on your OMS home page.

Working Games: Once you have your uniform you can start accepting games.  Click here to see how to contact assignors in your area, contact your local clubs, and review upcoming tournaments at

Independent Contractor: You are an Independent Contractor, which means you can work where and when you want.  You must solicit games by reaching out to an Assignor.  See what information they need from you, and what method they use to assign games (Game Officials, phone calls, emails, etc.)

  • Remember the 3-Ps when working with assignors:  Patience, Persistence and Pleasantness.

Recertification: Every year, every referee must recertify, so look for information during the summer and fall for upcoming recertification guidelines.

Should you have any questions contact us at and welcome to the world of officiating!