PA Background Clearances & SafeSport

Pennsylvania Child Protection Laws & Clearances apply to all Referees along with SafeSport Training

Pennsylvania Mandated Background Clearances

As of July 1, 2015, all paid employees age 14 and older working in the state of Pennsylvania, that interact directly with children, are required to get background clearances which are valid for 5 years.  You will not be approved as a referee until the clearances are submitted and approved. They are also required for anyone transferring to Eastern Pennsylvania from another State Association.

  • Be sure to select EMPLOYMENT when completing the forms (not Volunteer)
  • Clearances may take up to 30 days to complete, although many are coming back within a few days.
  • Once you receive all three certificates, you must upload them into your EPSARC account for review.
    1. Be sure the documents are saved on your computer (PDF or JPEG format)
    2. Log into your account at
    3. Click on “Administration > Update SafeSport/Background Status”
    4. Click on Choose File and then Upload, for each document individually.
    5. They will be reviewed and your account will be updated.
  • Upcoming referees MUST be 14 years old prior to the field session.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Those under 14 yrs will not be able to apply for the clearances and can not register with EPA.

EVERYONE (Minors and Adults) must complete the PA Child Abuse and PA Criminal History Check

Minors who have lived in PA for 10 years can complete the Affidavit (parent can be the witness):

  • Minors (ages 14-17) are exempt from the FBI fingerprint check if they have been a resident of Pennsylvania for the previous 10 years; however they must complete an Affidavit of Compliance Disclosure Statement, in addition to the PA Child Abuse and PA State checks.

Individuals 18 and older and those turning 18 during this calendar year, or minors who have not lived in PA for the past 10 years, must complete the FBI Background Check.

Helpful hints for the FBI background check:

    1KG756 Employee >=14 Years Contact w/ Children
  • For the FBI fingerprint check, locate a nearby fingerprint location (listed on their website) and reserve an appointment
  • Note the required documentation you must bring with you.
  • Arrive at your appointment and pay (currently $23.85)
  • They will do the fingerprint scans there and you will receive results in the mail in 2-3 weeks.
  • Upload this certificate into your EPSARC account.
  • IDENTIGO Customer Service:  (844) 321-2124


U.S. Soccer has developed the Safe Soccer Framework as a foundation from which all participants in the soccer community, be they athletes, coaches, referees, administrators or volunteers, play an active role in creating an environment free from emotional, physical or sexual abuse. The Safe Soccer Framework is a comprehensive program of policies and process, screening, education and training, reporting, monitoring and enforcement designed to help participants detect and report abuse, respond to it, and prevent future occurrences. This Framework applies to U.S. Soccer national level programs.

All US Soccer officials 18 and older MUST complete the SafeSport Online Training (free).

This will be part of the online training once you register for a recertification clinic or sign up for an entry level clinic.

SafeSport Refresher must be taken every 12 months.

Click here to go to Safesport to take the initial course or complete an annual Refresher

FAQ regarding PA Keep Kids Safe