Guest/Transfer Referees

Welcome to Eastern Pennsylvania!

We are happy to have you officiate in our state.

Both Transferring and Guest referees must do the following:

  1. Complete Pennsylvania background checks. All Referees who work games in Pennsylvania must do this
  2. Add Eastern Pennsylvania as a Relationship in the Learning Center
    1. Log into your account with US Soccer,
    2. In the Relationship box, add:  Eastern Pennsylvania State Referee Committee as a relationship
  3. Obtain a brief email from your current SRA stating that you are in good standing and email to
  4. Create an account in Officials Management Systems (OMS), our State registration program.  See below.*
  5. Once steps 1-4 are done email Joanne Neal, She will activate your account and add your history.
  6. After your account is activated and history added, you will be able to continue or recertify in EPA.
    1. IMPORTANT:  Do not register for any clinics until your history has been updated.
    2. You can view your history under Member Profile on your home page.

Transferring Referees *

Current U.S. Soccer Referees who are relocating to Eastern Pennsylvania must create an EPSARC account to request a transfer.

Visiting/Guest Referees *

Current U.S. Soccer Referees who are temporarily working in Eastern Pennsylvania must create an EPSARC account to request eligibility to receive game assignments.