Recertification Requirements


2018 Recertification Clinics.pdf


2018 Referee Certification Requirements Grades 8-9.pdf

2018 Referee Certification Requirements Grade 7.pdf

2018 Referee Certification Requirements Grade 5-6.pdf

2017-18 Upgrading.pdf

2017-18 Re-Testing.pdf


Recertification clinics (click here)


2018 Fees include:  clinic instruction, USSF registration, and continental breakfast. 
Advanced clinic fees also cover:  lunch, fitness testing, and assessment fees.

  • Referees must attend a 2018 recertification clinic BEFORE refereeing games in 2018
  • All recertification clinics will close 1 week prior to the clinic date.
  • Due to formatting, all recertification clinics have firm maximums
  • We can NOT exceed this number
  • No walk-in registrations can be accepted

Online Recertification Test 
[test link(s) will populate when you log in to your account with EPSARC]

  • Click on Login in upper right hand corner
  • Enter your email and password (contact Joanne at if you have problems)
  • Click on View your account
  • NOTE:  your account will not automatically update after you register for a clinic or take a test.  May take up to 2 weeks.

Online Modules

1. Enter the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • State Association: EPA
  • Clinic Number:  (recertYYYY)

2. Complete Concussion, Laws 11, 12, 13, 14 in "Grade 8 Referee Course"

  • Concussions in Soccer Overview
  • Law 11 - Offside
  • Law 12 - Fouls & Misconduct
  • Law 13 - Free Kicks
  • Law 14 - Penalty Kick

3. Print all 5 Certificates and bring to clinic